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    Ketty's Unique Design was established in 1998 by Ketty Gerardo, after more than 10 years of experience working with live plants. Today we have become a leader in the interior landscaping industry, and our company aim is to offer high quality services in installation and maintenance of tropical and indoor plants in the interior and exterior environments.

    We supply the Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach county areas with a unique mixture of creativity, experience and professionalism. It allows us to construct and maintain distinctive interior landscapes lending beauty to restaurants, office buildings, hotels, condominiums, hospitals, banks, as well as client residences.

    Our landscape designers are expertly trained to carefully evaluate your environment, budget considerations, traffic flow patterns, color scheme, decor and light levels. After discussing your ideas and preferences, we present examples from our extensive portfolio of foliage and decorative containers that complement your environment. Utilizing all this information, we design a landscape uniquely suited to your business. Then we present an itemized proposal for your approval.

    Many companies in today's business world now recognize the importance of plants in the workplace. The advantages live plants offer, such as the softening of the environment and the positive impression left on clients and company personnel, are now well recognized by directors and department heads alike. In addition, amounting scientific evidence supports the health benefit live plants offer by reducing the presence of dust and high pollutant levels caused by office equipment and machinery, ensuring a superior atmosphere for all to enjoy.

    Our maintenance service will be the most important factor in your plant program. Plants require expert care to keep them in optimum condition within interior environments. During weekly visits, our trained horticultural technicians water and fertilize your live plants precisely to insure proper nourishment and promote growth. Our plant care specialists keep your plants trimmed, cleaned, and provide any additional care necessary to ensure their best appearance.

    At Ketty's Unique Design, our care extends to people, too. We care as much for you as we do for your environment. Our cheerful, uniformed technicians carry out their duties quickly and efficiently, without disrupting your business operations. We take pride in always responding to your questions and special requests with prompt and professional attention.

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