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    Interior Landscaping:

    While today's businesses are built using artificial construction materials such as concrete and steel, Ketty's Unique Design helps bring warmth to clients' surroundings by designing, installing, and maintaining a natural plantscape. By using natural live plants, we help beautify the environments in which clients spend their working hours, while also facilitating the proven health benefits that live plants provide.


    Ketty's Unique Design uses horticultural design expertise to achieve long term outstanding appearance. We apply all our know how to avoid any future problems. Therefore we recommend only the plants that will be successful in your building. Understanding necessary light levels and environmental conditions, the interior landscaping can offer the client a choice of appropriate plants that will thrive in the particular setting. The interior landscaper can recommend the best container selections in accordance with the design. Careful plant selection is crucial in saving the client money and unnecessary plant material changes at the time of installation or afterward.

    A very significant part of the aesthetic value of plants is that they bring the benefits of the natural environment into enclosed spaces. Another value is their ability to lessen the harsh visual effects of dominant vertical or horizontal architectural features. Interior landscapes may also be used to establish and direct traffic patterns. In large lobbies, plantings can be arranged to direct people to clustered seating areas, which are set apart from each other to create a sense of privacy. Any number of implied messages about the occupants and attributes of a given space can be subtly communicated with the use of plants.

    At Ketty's Unique Design we also specialize in improving the appearance of mature landscapes. If your current interior landscape is looking a bit tired, outdated, or in need of a color uplift, we do "plantscape clean-ups". Our goal is to reduce the cost of plant maintenance and improve the quality of existing plants and services for our clients. We also offer a Color Program that serves as an economical addition or alternative to fresh cut flowers with the appeal and drama of live beauty and vivid color by providing a variety of seasonal flowering plants to the interior landscape.


    One of the vital services we provide is the professional installation of the live plants to be included in clients' interior plantscape. In order to assure minimal disturbance to the business environment, at Ketty's Unique Design we take all necessary measures to insure a quick and clean installation, which includes the delivery of wrapped and ready to install pre-cleaned and pruned plants.

    And in order to guarantee the delivery of beautiful and healthy live plants, we at Ketty's Unique Design transport all plants in special climate controlled vans. With our expert installation practices, we can assure that all clients receive first-class plants without having their daily business practices disturbed or sacrificed.


    As experts in horticultural maintenance, our mission is to provide exceptional appearance for every client at prices that will fit our client's budget. Keeping living plants looking beautiful consistently is both a science and an art that we take pride in. Our goal is to achieve excellence in every case, and our horticultural staff is extensively trained to help us reach our goal with every client.

    We take extensive care of every plant we install, and plants you may already own. This maintenance service includes feeding, watering, cleaning, pruning, and pest and disease control of all foliage. To ensure continued consistency and quality of plant material, Ketty's Unique Design provides a maintenance agreement that includes a plant replacement guarantee. In those few instances where a plant is no longer beautiful, we at Ketty's Unique Design can immediately replace it with a greenhouse fresh plant of equal value and character. This insures that our clients are consistently delighted by plants that are lovely, lush and thriving.

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